Car Dealers Brag about Attack against Workers’ Rights

According to Automotive News, auto “Dealers have moved to the front lines of opposition against legislation that would make it easier to workers to join unions. The practice is commonly called card-check.”

“Dealers…are claiming some success in slowing momentum of the bill, which is a top priority of organized labor and key Democratic leaders.” — Automotive News, March 23, 2009

That was in 2009. Since then, dealers and their business allies have succeeded in blocking enactment of the legislation.

Dealers like to be able to fire employees at will, sometimes pressuring them to cheat customers, under threat of losing their jobs.

Auto dealers are overwhelmingly conservative. Their political giving, predictably, follows the same pattern. Auto dealers donated tens of millions of dollars to right-wing politicians like former President George Bush, Presidential Candidate John McCain, and Presidential candidate Mitt Romney..