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C.A.R.S. Mission
CARS is a national, award-winning,
non-profit auto safety and consumer
advocacy organization working to
save lives, prevent injuries, and
to protect consumers from
auto-related fraud and abuse.

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What's NEW?
Toyota recalls over 6.39 million vehicles over safety defects
Toyota Motor Corp is recalling more than 6.39 million vehicles globally after uncovering five different safety defects, ranging from faulty steering to air bags that may not inflated when needed in a crash.

Toyota said it was not aware of any crashes or injuries caused by the defects, which occur in 27 Toyota models including 2009-2010 Corollas, 2009-2010 Matrixes, 2008-2010 Highlanders, 2009-2010 Tacoma trucks, 2006-2008 RAV4s and 2006-2010 Yaris compact cars.

Toyota agreed last month to pay $1.2 billion to the U.S. government for withholding information related to unintended acceleration in its vehicles. That safety crisis led Toyota to recall more than 9 million vehicles.

Toyota is recalling 3.5 million vehicles to replace a spiral cable that may be damaged when the steering wheel is turned. That could cause the air bag to fail in a crash.

Another 472,500 vehicles, including 2006-2010 Yaris hatchbacks, 2007-2010 Yaris sedans and 2008-2010 Scion xDs, are being recalled in the U.S. due to faulty seat rails that could allow the seat to slide forward in a crash, injuring the driver or passengers.

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Buyer beware: NEVER trust that a dealer will have the safety recall repairs performed before selling you a car that is being recalled. Dealers are so eager to make a buck, fast, they are unwilling to delay sales long enough to get the safety recall repairs done -- for FREE.

Plus -- dealers are actively opposing legislation in Washington, DC and in California that would prohibit them from renting, selling, leasing, or loaning unsafe, recalled vehicles to consumers, unless the safety recall repairs have been performed first.

CARS’ tips on how to buy a safe, reliable used car — without having to risk going to a dealer:

Top 12 used car buying tips

Dealers playing “used car roulette” with customers’ lives — and opposing legislation to make them stop

Did a dealer sell you an unsafe, recalled car? We want to hear your story. Contact CARS

Buyer Beware! Auto dealers' one-
sided contracts can ruin your life
Even if the dealer breaks the law, you might not be able to get justice. Forced arbitration clauses hidden in the fine print can keep you tied up for years. The dealer even gets to pick the arbitrator who hears your case. Here's what happened to a car buyer in San Diego:
Think this is outrageous? Call your member of Congress at 202-224-3121, and urge them to vote for the Arbitration Fairness Act. More about the AFA, now pending before Congress:
Here's what we're doing to bring
more attention to Jon's plight:
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Jon Perz has started a new petition
on the website
You're invited to check it out and send a message letting Mossy Toyota know what you think.
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