Chrysler refuses to recall its flaming Jeeps — Act Now!

Over 287 people have died in 202 fiery crashes involving 1993-2004 Jeep Grand Cherokees, more than the ill-famed Ford Pinto in the 1970s. Yet Chrysler continues to refuse to recall their flaming Jeeps.

Please help stop innocent people from being burned to death in Jeeps designed with the gas tanks behind the rear axle, where rear-end collisions cause the tanks to rupture and explode.

A courageous woman from Virginia who witnessed a horrific crash, which cost a mother and teenager their lives, has filed an online petition.  Once you read it, you’ll know why those Jeeps have to be recalled — and why it’s important to add your name to the growing list of concerned consumers calling on Chrysler to stop the carnage —

Here’s where you can sign Janelle’s petition