Wells Fargo – stop robbing your customers

So — Wells Fargo is spending a fortune on ads claiming it will make things right for its customers. Except — you kind of have to question their sincerity. Why? Because they still insist on depriving victims of their massive frauds from hauling Wells Fargo into an open court. That would give victims real leverage to get justice, and could also shed light on who was actually responsible.

Needless to say, that might turn ugly for some executives who thought they could get away with just about anything, because none of their illegal activity would ever see the light of day, before a public court of law. In their minds, no lawsuits means no real accountability. The multi-million dollar bonuses keep rolling in.

First, Wells Fargo pressured their employees to open an absurdly high number of accounts, under threat of losing their jobs if they failed to meet unrealistic goals. When customers complained about bogus accounts that were opened without their consent, Wells Fargo didn’t resolve the problems. Instead, they hid behind the closed, privatized arbitration system, while continuing to engage in the same illegal activity.  About 2 million times!!

Now, Wells Fargo is robbing its customers of their Constitutional right to have their case heard in court — where the facts can be made public.

The Des Moines Register nailed it when they called on Wells Fargo’s new CEO Timothy Sloan to restore their customers’ rights. No rights, no justice. Everything short of that is just another scam.  The Wells Fargo robbery continues….

Des Moines Register editorial: Wells Fargo Blocks the Courthouse Door