Newer, cleaner, safer cars for low-income consumers = win-win-win for CA

Think it would take a miracle for California, the state that’s home to 7 out of 10 of the nation’s smoggiest cities, to clean up our air, improve public health, reduce vehicle fatalities and injuries, and help struggling low-income families gain new mobility and transform their lives — all without busting our newly re-balanced budget?

According to experts at the respected San Francisco-based environmental think tank Next Generation, not only is it possible to achieve all those ambitious goals, it’s well within reach.  According to their new report,  “No Californian Left Behind: Clean and Affordable Transportation Options for All through Vehicle Replacement,” carefully targeted vehicle replacement programs hold promise for low-income consumers and their families, and for the entire state.

Check out these facts, from the report:

  • “Right now, hundreds of thousands of Californians drive cars and trucks that are old, inefficient, unsafe, and cause a disproportionate share of the state’s air pollution. Older cars weren’t manufactured to the same stringent smog standards as today’s new cars, and many are in a poor state of repair that compounds their impact on human health. As a result, state agencies estimate that 10­–15 percent of the state’s light-duty vehicles emit over half of the smog from the passenger fleet.”
  • ” In some particularly car-dependent areas of California, it’s estimated that transportation costs exceed a third of area median incomes.”
  • “In the event of an accident, the driver of a pre-1993 vehicle is over 75 percent more likely to suffer fatal injury than the driver of a six year-old or newer vehicle.”

Next Gen experts also make detailed policy recommendations for how to maximize the benefits of vehicle replacement programs for consumers and the environment.

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