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Fed up with auto dealers taking billions in taxpayer dollars, with NO reforms for consumers? Tired of seeing auto dealers get billions in taxpayer dollars, while their victims get little or no relief? Meanwhile, consumer complaints against auto dealers are #1 and soaring. You can help stop crooked auto dealers from getting away with cheating their customers, including military Servicemembers and their families -- costing us tens of billions of dollars and putting our national security at risk through shady practices such as:

In Washington, auto dealers got the U.S. House of Representatives to give them a pass, so the Consumer Financial Protection Agency will be barred from policing dealers' predatory, abusive lending. Unless the U.S. Senate changes that, crooked auto dealers will keep getting away with cheating their customers -- costing us tens of billions of dollars through shady practices such as:

•  Selling cars they don't even own, destroying car buyers' credit and costing many their jobs

•  Falsifying credit applications, to fatten the kickbacks they get from lenders

•  Engaging in bait-and-switch financing (advertising low rates, then charging higher ones --     even when the buyers qualify for a lower rate), sometimes raising the rate AFTER you buy

•  "Loan packing" high-profit add-ons like "theft protection," GAP, & service contracts

42 pro-consumer and civil rights groups have appealed to the U.S. Treasury Auto Task Force and Congress for help. But auto dealers -- after gobbling billions in taxpayer dollars -- paid off politicians, who have failed to provide any assistance for car buyers, or any reforms to hold crooked dealers accountable. Instead, they just keep giving dealers more of our money.

What can you do to protect yourself? 

•  If you still have payments due on your car loan, don't trade in your car.  Dealers promise to pay    off the remainder, adding it into your next loan.  But then they fail to pay it off, ruining your credit.    Law enforcement officials can't keep up with the volume of complaints about this.

•  If you plan to buy a used car from a dealer, insist that they show you the title before you buy.    Make sure the VIN on the title and the description match the car.

•  Avoid add-on products like "lifetime" oil changes, GAP insurance, or extended service    contracts. Often, car dealers sell these items at a huge profit, then just pocket the money and    close their doors. Months later, when you have a claim, there is no one to back it.

•  Never get financing at the dealership. Instead, pay cash or pre-qualify for a loan from a    reputable bank or credit union. You can almost always get better rates that way.  Even if a dealer    advertises "0% interest,"  most buyers don't get those rates.

Want to help change things for the better?

Congress is deciding NOW whether to protect car buyers -- or auto dealers. Call your member of Congress today, and tell them you want auto sales reform NOW. Every call counts, especially if you have an auto rip-off story to tell. Here's the number to call: U.S. Capitol switchboard at (202)224-3121. They will route you to the right Congressional office. Or you can look up your Congressional representatives here:

At this stage, phone calls are more effective than e-mails. Thanks for helping save car buyers billions, and restore some fairness and justice to the auto marketplace.

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Buyer Beware: CarMax sells cars with killer safety defects.
Advertises cars passed "rigorous inspection" and qualify as "CarMax Quality Certified" without getting safety recall defects fixed.

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Buyer beware!  
NEVER trust that a dealer will have the safety recall repairs performed before selling you a car that is being recalled. Dealers are so eager to make a buck, fast, they are unwilling to delay sales long enough to get the safety recall repairs done -- for FREE.

Plus -- dealers are actively opposing legislation in Washington, DC and in California that would prohibit them from renting, selling, leasing, or loaning unsafe, recalled vehicles to consumers, unless the safety recall repairs have been performed first.

CARS' tips on how to buy a safe, reliable used car — without having to risk going to a dealer:

Top 12 used car buying tips

Dealers playing "used car roulette" with customers' lives — and opposing legislation to make them stop

Did a dealer sell you an unsafe, recalled car? We want to hear your story. Contact CARS

Buyer Beware! Auto dealers' one-
sided contracts can ruin your life
Even if the car dealer breaks the law, you might not be able to get justice. Forced arbitration clauses hidden in the fine print can keep you tied up for years. The dealer often gets to pick the arbitrator who hears your case. CARS exposed how a dealer abused arbitration, after selling Jon Perz an unsafe car. CARS' video has received over 1.3 million views on YouTube. Jon and his attorney eventually won, but because of forced arbitration, Jon had to wait 8 years for justice:
Think this is outrageous? Call your member of Congress at 202-224-3121, and urge them to vote for the Arbitration Fairness Act. More about the AFA, now pending before Congress:
Here's what we're doing to bring
more attention to Jon's plight:
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Jon Perz has started a new petition
on the website
You're invited to check it out and send a message letting Mossy Toyota know what you think:
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